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A.N.T. Farm
“Career PlacemANT” Something seems fishy when the ANTs' Career Placement Test results show careers in school administration. Meanwhile, Cameron and Lexi must learn the meaning of teamwork while caring for a sack of potatoes.

“Runway Runaround” When JONAS’ instruments go missing, the boys must find a way to perform at Stella’s fashion internship evaluation or risk ruining her chances.

“The Old Switcheroo!” After Dr. 2Brains inadvertently switches WordGirl and The Butcher’s brains, WordGirl must stop The Butcher from marring her reputation with poor vocabulary and a plot to take over the city.

“J-Spot to G-Spot” When Joan lets friend, Lynn, hire female models to drum up business at the J-Spot, she finds herself accused of running an escort service out of her restaurant.

SpongeBob SquarePants
“This Ain’t No Beauty Contest” How will SpongeBob ever win the top secret prize of Krusty Krab’s 1st Annual Talent Contest when he can’t figure out his talent?

Kim Possible
“The Bubblegum Invasion” Can Ron save the world all by himself when Kim falls prey to Drakken’s latest mind control tool, “The Bubblegum Boys”?


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